January 10, 2023

• 2021.Q1

The beta version of the lending platform is online.

2021.Q2 ✅

Launching one-stop Lending platform.

2021.Q3 ✅

Test docking modules on the mainstream public chain.
Launch of the CrossFi Swap Opportunity (CSO) plan.

2021.Q4 ✅

Launching multi-asset network switching protocol & the L2 integrations.
Synth-based markets DEX development.

2022.Q1 ✅

Expand the application ecosystem of CrossFi.

2022.Q2 ✅

DEX development in progress.

2022.Q3 ✅

DEX test.

2022.Q4 ✅

DEX depth test.

2023.Q1 ✅

DEX test optimization.


DEX online.
Liquidity mining and Staking dividends will be launched on BSC, ETH and Near networks.
Start the aggregation transaction function based on the AMM model.
IDO will go live.


Drive business.
Expand the ecological development of CrossFi in 2023.
The final goal is to create a single DeFi application connecting existing public chains and provide decentralized finance products:
  • Launched One-stop Lending Platform.
  • Multi-asset Adaptor Protocol.
  • Docking Module.
  • Supervision Network.
  • Synthetic ETF.
  • NFT.
  • Decentralized Exchange.
  • Kist.