CSO #13

Here are some of the statistics from the CSO #13:

A total of 775 FILs (Filecoins) were stipulated for the event and they were all distributed.

A cumulative summation of Limit- 195 FILs and

Unlimit-580 FILs

• A total of 545,853 CRFIs were burned

The Limit swap exchanged 74,964 CRFIs

The Unlimit swap exchanged 226,220 CRFIs

The burned CRFIs included 22,620 CRFIs charged as Participation Fee in the Unlimit swap

The Swap Ratio set immediately before the event was 390:1

You can verify the CRFI burn at these incineration addresses:

BSC TX ID: 0x80562c52f10e578296d8471533d2e5b9dd46df949a053997552349cd878ec504

ERC20 TX ID: 0x011f5cfd941d7cac7f72d0c426dcf1b7cbe4f0251b910a6f48b0da320dc5c62f

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