CSO #8

Here are some of the statistics from CSO #8:

A total of 940 FILs (Filecoins) were stipulated for the event and they were all distributed. A cumulative summation of Limit- 235 FILs and Unlimit-705 FILs
  • A total of 202,099 CRFIs were burned
  • The Limit swap exchanged 46,999 CRFIs
  • The Unlimit swap exchanged 141,000 CRFIs
  • The burned CRFIs included 14,100 CRFIs charged as Participation Fee in the Unlimit swap
  • The Swap Ratio set immediately before the event was 200:1

You can verify the CRFI burn at these incineration addresses:

  • BSC TXID for 202,099 CRFIs burn: 0xad8e9c2eb8e8cb5c441007975cd1ee7c44c996d55eef7a3c5166fd5f3824a3a0
  • Ethereum TXID for 202,099 CRFIs burn:
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