Updated October 27, 2022


The beta version of the lending platform is online.

2021.Q2 ✅

Launching one-stop Lending platform.

2021.Q3 ✅

Test docking modules on the mainstream public chain.

Launch of the CrossFi Swap Opportunity (CSO) plan.

2021.Q4 ✅

Launching multi-asset network switching protocol & the L2 integrations.

Synth-based markets DEX development.

2022.Q1 ✅

Expand the application ecosystem of CrossFi.

2022.Q2 ✅

DEX development in progress.


DEX test.


DEX depth test.

2023.Q1 ✅

DEX test optimization.

2023 Q2

  • Internal testing and improvement of the DEX.

2023 Q3

  • Drive DeFi community and business development.

  • Test the DEX on the FVM (Filament Virtual Machine).

2023 Q4

  • Complete core smart contract testing and audits for the DEX.

  • Collaborate with security experts to conduct vulnerability and security testing to ensure the stability and security of the mainnet.

2024 Q1 (In progress)

  • Launch a public testnet and incentivize participants.

  • Collaborate with the cryptocurrency community and media for promotional and advertising activities.

  • Provide commission or reward programs to attract liquidity providers and facilitate trading.

  • Expand the community size to attract more users and developers.

  • Establish a global community ambassador program to increase community presence worldwide.

  • Launch the DEX on the FVM network's mainnet.

  • Support trading pairs for multiple cryptocurrency assets.

  • Launch mainnet online events to attract more traders and liquidity providers.

  • Expand the community size to attract more users and developers.

  • Organize online and offline events to enhance community interaction.

2024 Q2

  • Feature enhancements and ecosystem development.

  • Introduce new features.

  • Expand the market to increase the diversity of trading pairs.

  • Launch incentive programs to encourage users to trade and store assets on the DEX.

  • Start an ecosystem fund to finance and support projects and developers related to the DEX.

2024 Q3

  • Global expansion and cross-chain interoperability.

  • Explore cross-chain transaction interoperability to allow users to trade across different blockchains.

  • Enhance security to address potential threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Expand international markets to increase global user participation.

  • Collaborate with other cryptocurrency projects for joint activities.

  • Strengthen community governance and launch a DAO to increase community participation.

  • Explore Layer 2 solutions to improve performance and scalability.

  • Continue supporting community projects to drive ecosystem prosperity.

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