CSO #5

Here are some of the statistics from CSO #5:

  • A total of 940 FILs (Filecoins) were allocated for the event and all of them were distributed

  • A total of 1,461,667.91 CRFIs were accumulated from the users in the event and the CRFIs that exceeded the limit were returned back to the users

  • A total of 136,417.5 CRFIs were burned

  • The Limit swap exchanged 31,725 CRFIs

  • The Unlimit swap exchanged 95,175 CRFIs

  • The burned CRFIs included 9,517.5 CRFIs charged as Participation Fee in the Unlimit swap

  • The Swap Ratio set immediately before the event was 135:1

You can verify the CRFI burn at these incineration addresses:

  • BSC TXID for 136,417.5 CRFIs burn: 0xaad5243f729af02082e5824b74b2fa4909adac976dffa28b382cd765af794843

  • Ethereum TXID for 136,417.5 CRFIs burn:


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